Gills N Claws fosters marine aquaculture that will create employment and business opportunities in coastal communities;productive marine populations, species, and ecosystems and vibrant coastal communities.

Advance Aquaculture Technology

To create a controlled environment of aquatic bio tech and advance aquaculture technology methods are effectively combined from micro to macro levels of stock genetics, seed production, feed development, health management and grow out production system.

To specialise in production of marine and freshwater species with expertise in resources, consistent growth and ability to identify business opportunities. A highly professional team, quality products, a well organized marketing network, reliable after sales and intensive R&D are key factors contributing to our achievements.

To operate a marine and freshwater finfish/crustacean hatchery and grow out farms by setting up an aquaculture research, development, training and farm centre to commercialise a viable techniques and technology for sustainable marine / freshwater aquaculture.

Pioneering technological breakthroughs in captive – breeding, hatchery, nursery and grow-out culture of various species of finfish/crustacean. Opening opportunities for expansions and intensification of productions in various grow-out systems and waters.