Jayasri specializes in the field of marine ecology and water quality management. Jayasri has obtained in-depth knowledge of aquatic ecology through her repeated research on water quality and aquatic organism. She has also done a research on the community structure of gastropods and bivalves and their correlation with water quality at Malaysia Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Sarawak Waters collaborated with Malaysian Fisheries Department (SEAFDEC Cruise). Besides, her research was on the macrobenthos in relation with the environmental parameters at Sarawak intertidal (Kuching to Miri) and zooplankton abundance at Bruit Island and Patok Island. Also, she did a sustainable management study and field work at Bako National Park, mangrove flora and fauna observation and study at Asajaya mangrove area, and turtle observation and management at Talang Satang Island. Jayasri has documented her research findings on biodiversity, ecology, and water quality that can be used in future management and conservation activities. Currently, she is working on horseshoe crab management and their blood extraction. Jayasri graduated with a Bachelor of Aquatic Resource Science and Technology (Hons) degree, as well as a Master of Science in Marine Science from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.