Our Farms

Gills N Claws fosters marine aquaculture that will create employment and business opportunities in coastal communities, productive marine populations, species, and ecosystems and vibrant coastal communities.

Pulau Ubin Fish Farm

Gills N Claws fish farm is located off the pristine waters behind Pulau Ubin. Here we operate a marine culture business that produces 300,000 kg/ of fishes a year which includes Golden Pomfret, Chinese Pomfret, Red Snapper, Seabass and Spiny Lobster species.

With its extensive coastline due to our multiple facilities in the Southeast and General Asian Region, there are many opportunities for aquaculture to develop into a significant industry in Asia contributing to the nation’s plan for aquaculture and food security, diversifying the economy.

We are active in promoting the growth of the industry with sensible sustainable and environmental practices. We are working with Universities and local media to develop a series of workshops and seminar with which we can engage government, operators and investors to promote the industry.

Kranji Mud Crab Fattening Farm

Gills N Claws has its own Mud Crab Fattening farm in Kranji, Singapore. The farm’s vertical layout overcomes space constraints. It can also provide fleshier crabs as they are fed and raised here. Imported crabs lose body mass as they are not fed for days en route to Singapore.

The farm’s projected annual output is about 200 tonnes of crab annually. According to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, Singapore imported 5,100 tonnes of crabs from January to November this year. There are no licensed fish farms cultivating crabs now, but some may import or catch crabs for sale on top of their main farming activities.

The company also has its own farms and hatcheries making it less time consuming to source and transport the crabs. The young crabs are transported by sea, instead of air.

The crustaceans need not be as tightly packed when shipped, and fewer die during the journey.

Mr Balasundram Pillai, a consultant for Pepper Castle, a restaurant in Dunlop Street which buys imported crabs from Gills N Claws, said the farm’s efforts should be encouraged.

“If there is a local pool and source of crabs, consumers’ end-cost could be lowered. To have chili crab cooked using crabs grown here as well would make it a truly Singaporean dish,” he said.