Gills N Claws fosters marine aquaculture that will create employment and business opportunities in coastal communities, productive marine populations, species, and ecosystems and vibrant coastal communities.


Gills N Claws was established in 2009. We are one of the leader suppliers of fresh mud crabs & fishes to Singapore restaurants and supermarkets. Gills N Claws integrates and coordinates the agency’s aquaculture policies, research, outreach and international obligations. We pride ourselves in delivering fresh seafood to all our customers.


Pioneering technological breakthroughs in captive – breeding, hatchery, nursery and grow-out culture of various species of finfish/crustacean. Opening opportunities for expansions and intensification of productions in various grow-out systems and waters.


Gills N Claws together with other RBI holdings Subsidiaries takes pride in making a difference to our community through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program that involves all employees in the company executing over many activities every year such as Training and Education Programs, Industries, and Sustainable Aquaculture Development.



Pulau Ubin Fish Farm

We grow a wide variety of seafood, such as lobster, gold snappers and many more.


Kranji Crab Farm

Our crabs are bred in special housing conditions and fed specially formulated feed to ensure freshness and quality.

what is vertical crab farming?


Showcased on Channel News Asia

Reaping rewards: Vertical crab farming in Singapore

We have won multiple awards and are leaders in vertical crab farming. Multiple news organization have interviewed us to learn more about our innovative technology. Watch our video to learn more!